Why Carriage House Garage Doors? The Inspiration and the Modern Trend

Just after the turn of the last century, the car was becoming a major part of the modern lifestyle. As horse & carriage combos were gradually replaced by cars, homeowners started using the “carriage houses” where they stored their carriages as the world’s first garages. Homeowners literally moved the carriage out and the car in.

Fast forward to this century, and history repeats itself! Carriage house-style doors are showing up on homes across the country. Made from steel, wood, or faux wood composite, modern carriage house doors stylishly emulate the look of their historical predecessors… while including all the modern amenities, of course!

About 20% of new doors sold are in the carriage house style.

Each of Metro Garage Door’s partner manufacturers offer carriage house doors. We have a wide variety window, color, and material options. These doors are moderately priced, come in many styles and options, and are covered by manufacturers’ warranties. We can help you navigate the options that fit your budget and your home’s exterior.

Check out our project gallery for a few examples of our carriage house door installations.

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