The Aesthetics of Business: How Garage Door Design Impacts Client Perception

There are a lot of commercial garage door options out there. Believe us, as a company that’s been repairing and installing quality doors for over 40 years, we’ve seen it all. We pride ourselves on stocking the latest modern garage door designs so that our customers can always find the exact door for their needs. 

It may not seem like a big decision, but the right garage door could elevate your business and attract more customers. But how do you choose the right style? Here are some guidelines to consider, including the possibility of a custom garage door that’s uniquely designed for your business.

Choose a Garage Door Design to Suit Your Business 

A garage door that best represents your business as well as fit its utilitarian needs is key. You want your garage door to reflect integrity, quality and trust to your clients but also serve its purpose.


Garage doors come in nearly every size, color and material available. Businesses can choose from steel, wood, fiberglass or glass garage doors in overhead and bi-fold styles. You can have a sleek modern look or a classic vintage style door. Even your garage door window design can impact its overall appearance. 


The purpose of your door ties directly to the types of doors you should consider. If you run a business like a car wash or service station where your door is up and down constantly, consider a high speed door that’s built to resist long-term wear. 

An insulated garage door saves energy and money during long Minnesota winters. Keep your business toasty and your costs down.

If you’re looking to create a bright and pleasant atmosphere, a quality glass door may be the ticket. These work well for automotive shops and restaurants alike. 


Security is often a primary concern with businesses. You want a door that keeps your business safe and secure during and after hours. If you operate a business such as a warehouse or storage facility that requires high-end security at night, you’d want to go with an option such as stainless steel or even a higher speed rolling door. While a classic wood door can be an attractive option, it won’t provide the protection you’re looking for. 

Custom Options

While utility comes before fashion in choosing what kind of garage door will best suit your business, there are many different options available. Let us help you individualize your business with a garage door specifically designed to match your unique look and functional needs. 

How to Customize Your Business’ Garage Door

When it comes to your business, you want a garage door that is going to reflect your standards. Now more than ever, businesses are looking at new ways that they can make a statement through their garage door. 

Whether it’s with custom garage door panels on a stainless-steel door or sleek black paint on a high speed garage door, there are a multitude of ways to present yourself to your clients. 

Custom Made Garage Doors: Questions and Considerations

Your branding is what makes you stand out, and your garage door can absolutely reflect that. When envisioning the perfect garage door for your business, keep in mind:

  • What material should you use and how will it suit your business?

  • Do you need a high speed roller door for quick access and security? 

  • Do you run a smaller business that doesn’t require a lot of car ports and would like a heavy wooden garage door?

  • Do you want attractive and functional windows to allow more natural light?

  • How accessible should your door be to clients and employees? 

  • How secure does your garage door need to be?

  • Do you need a fireproof or fire-resistant door?

  • What kind of maintenance should you expect to need? Keeping parts well-oiled and up to date can have a major impact on how your business is perceived as well.

  • How easy is it to keep your garage door clean? 

  • How long can you expect my garage door to last?

  • What kind of warranty does your door come with?

Designer Garage Doors for Every Business

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