Home Security Depends on Garage Security

The garage door has become the most common access point to the house. Loss of personal property from open garages is among the highest categories of theft reported by police in most communities. The security of your family and your personal property can be jeopardized if the garage door is left open or not secured due to malfunctioning.

These problems can be addressed by making sure that both the garage door and opener are functioning properly at all times. If there are any issues, have them repaired immediately. Metro Garage Door technicians can be at your door the same day, if you call before 1 pm.

Duplicate Frequencies

Some have noticed their garage door opening mysteriously when a neighbor opens his. Duplicate signals is not only frustrating, but is a major safety risk when you’re not home and your door sits open.

New generation garage door openers come with new radio frequencies and revolving codes that change with each opening. Some of these openers have a billion codes to rotate through, thus eliminating any duplicate code issues.

In 2006 the US Government took over the radio frequencies used by garage door remotes and keypads for homeland security reasons. As a result, garage door openers manufactured after 2006 operate on a new frequency. Purchasing a new garage door opener will enable you to avoid interference from local law enforcement radio signals.

Garage Door Monitoring with Smartphone or from inside the home

New openers can communicate the status of your garage door to smart phones, computers, and wall units inside your home. Now you can check on your garage door without even being near it. Inside your home, glance at the wall unit, and close your door at night with one easy button. With your smart phone or computer, you can check on your door or open it if someone needs to get in, no matter where you are in the world. Less worry, more security, and the easy ability to close the garage door from afar.

Lights on Security

Returning home to a dark house or dark garage can be unpleasant or frightening for some. New opener models solve this by allowing the homeowner to turn on lights via the remote in your car, using motion detectors in the garage, or with your smart phone or computer. Simply plug the unit into your wall outlet in the house with the lamp cord plugged into it, and program your remote or smart phone to turn on the house lights from outside the home.

Door locking hardware is also available for garage doors which were installed without them. Keyed access can serve much like a keyless entry pad but requires a key to trigger the opener to open.

Motion Detectors inside garage

Motion detectors are available as part of a garage door opener wall unit. When the sensor detects motion in the garage the lights will come on. This boosts security against garage intruders and adds convenience for homeowners who have to cross a dark garage before reaching the light, or who have their hands full as they try to get in to their home.

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