May Internal Promotions and Announcements

Golden Valley, MN, May 17, 2023 – Will Toppson has been promoted to Field Resource & Education Manager at Metro Garage Door. He is responsible for growing the talent of the team and finding new and innovative ways to install and service customers.

“Will has been on an amazing journey to get to where he is today. His experience as a teacher has assisted in Will’s natural ability to demonstrate strong leadership skills.” said Dustin Winter, Co-owner of Metro Garage Door. “Will has helped us develop our team through training, fine-tuning our processes, and identifying tools and equipment to advance our customer service abilities.”  

Before joining Metro in 2013, Will was an elementary educator. Following in his mother’s footsteps he had a passion for teaching and coaching. Building a curriculum and working hands-on with his students was a passion for Will. After a series of district and school budget cuts, Will was looking for more of a stable career. He was always handy and enjoyed doing hands-on projects which brought him to Metro Garage Door in 2013. A decade later, Will has never looked back. He’s applied his teaching and coaching niche to the garage door industry and Metro’s customers reap the benefits.  

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