Signs It's Time for a Garage Door Tune Up

Here at Metro Garage Door, we want to help you configure when it may be time to give your garage a tune up!

Your Garage Door Today-The Modernization of Garage Doors

With all the diverse and individualized ways that we now use to express ourselves today, our garage doors are no exception when it comes to representing our own personal style.

How to Adjust Garage Door Tracks

Learn how to adjust your garage door when it sticks in the tracks or rubs against the molding. Metro Garage Door can help!

Join Our Team!

Metro Garage Door is hiring experienced technicians ! Check out this post to learn little bit more about who we hire.

"The Metro Way": Customer Case Studies

At Metro Garage Door, we take pride in our business and expert handiwork. When you work with Metro, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the service provided. We are excited to share a few case studies today of two customers who experienced “The Metro Way” firsthand.

Garage Door Maintenance Tips for Winter

Winter is a season of both beauty and turmoil, and it’s at a timeframe when your garage door is at it’s most vulnerable. Here at Metro Garage Door, we want you to approach winter with comfort and confidence that your garage door is up to par to withstand these harsher months.

Preparing for Summer with Metro Garage Door

This summer we’re expected to see things really heating up, and here at Metro Garage Door we want to make sure to help you prioritize the integrity of your garage door through the most extreme conditions.

Spring Cleaning with Metro Garage Door

Our garage doors are in fact such a unique part of our daily lives that they can really set us up for success if we treat them right and keep up our garage repairs. Spring is an optimal time to organize, clean and check the condition of your garage doors.

How Modern Garage Door Technology Makes Life Easier

New features and accessories bring even more convenience and safety to your garage and its opener.

Garage Door Curb Appeal

For the average American house, the garage door makes up nearly 40% of the facade of the home.