"The Metro Way": Customer Case Studies

At Metro Garage Door, we take pride in our business and expert handiwork. When you work with Metro, it is guaranteed that you will be satisfied with the service provided. We are excited to share a few case studies today of two customers who experienced “The Metro Way” firsthand.

Commercial Customer: Carlson Auto

Carlson Auto is an established automotive repair shop located in Cottage Grove, Minnesota that was looking for a facelift. As an auto repair shop, they have several garage doors that are utilized constantly throughout the day as cars come and go. Originally, Carlson Auto had steel doors that had one window, which was not beneficial to employee mental health, especially in the long, dark winters. They allowed very little light to get in the shop, and made it feel as though the mechanics were working inside of a cave all day. The old steel doors also made the shop appear closed, as a passing car could not see inside unless the door was open. The solution was simple, and Metro Garage Door was happy to provide. Carlson Auto settled on glass doors that allows in plenty of natural light and also allows passing cars a glimpse into the activity that is present in the shop day in and day out. The facility looks refreshed, bright, and updated which is everything that they were after!

“The guys that did the job were professional and timely. The installation went smooth and they put in a good product. There is a difference between home and business. Time is money and Metro did a great job limiting business disruption during the installation process. Overall, the new doors dramatically changed the look of the building for the better. But it also created a better environment for our employees. Especially in the winter. Helped morale.”

- Steven Weeks

Check out the full case study & gallery here

Residential Customer: Andreasen

Alison Andreasen, owner of Extend Marketing Inc. and the marketing liaison for Metro Garage Door, knew that Metro would be a great fit for her home’s renovation. After working alongside the team for several years, she experienced firsthand the attention to detail, kindness, and consideration that each member of the team displayed. The renovation included bedrooms above the garage, so top-notch insulation and quiet motors were key factors in selecting new parts for the garage doors. The family also had an existing structure with garage doors on the property, so making sure that the new doors matched the existing ones was important. The Andreasen’s doors were installed just in time for the harsh, Minnesota winter and they couldn’t be more satisfied with the outcome! Highly insulated doors that keep their house and the rooms above the garage warm and cozy, an extremely quiet motor, and perfectly matching aesthetics throughout the property made for happy customers!

“Working with Metro was a breeze. As a mother, having contractors come into your home (or garage) is always a bit worrisome. Metro’s entire team was extremely professional and made sure I understood every step of the process and what would be involved. From Chad’s quick initial response, to Dusty and Jim’s professionalism on site, I’d highly recommend Metro to anyone in need of garage door service or installation. We love our doors! Thanks Metro!”

-Alison Andreasen

Check out the full case study & gallery here

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