The Pros & Cons of Glass Garage Doors

Pros & Cons of Glass Garage Doors

We are always doing our due diligence to keep up on modern garage door trends. At Metro Garage Door, we have a vast variety of choices for both residential and commercial doors. Of those choices, one of the most eye-catching is the glass garage door.

Just like any other garage door, there are always pros and cons to each. Today, we want to go over the good and bad things that come with glass garage doors so that you can decide if they might be right for you. We hope to provide insight that will steer you in the right direction. Without further adieu, let’s dive in!

Pros of Glass Garage Doors

Natural light

It goes without saying that glass garage doors are essentially huge windows in place of a closed off panel. Glass garage doors are excellent for allowing in natural light, making them wonderful for businesses that operate from a garage, such as mechanics or car dealerships. Or on the residential flip side, for homeowners who enjoy sitting in the garage, working on hobbies… or home businesses of course! Check out our case study for Carlson Auto, where this was the exact goal behind replacing their old, solid steel doors with all glass doors. What a transformation!

Curb appeal & resale value

It’s no secret that this style of door is highly attractive and appealing. It looks great on modern homes, but with a variety of styles and finishes, they can really step up anyone’s garage door game… and your resale value! For residential doors, there is also no need to worry about privacy as the glass can be clear, frosted, tinted, or reflective. You can be as private or open as you’d like to be!


Though they are called garage doors, they don’t only have to be used for garages! Glass doors are excellent for various spaces in both residential and commercial settings. Use them to open up a wall in your business or home gym (like this install at Springs at Willowbrooke!), open up a bar or brewery space, or close off parts of your office to keep down noise. So many options!

Cons of Glass Garage Doors


Full disclosure: glass garage doors do tend to be more expensive than typical steel doors. This is mostly due to the materials and manufacturing processes used to create the doors, plus the extra care in delivery and installation. Talk to our customer care team to find out what these might cost for your home and business and they can walk you through the process of finding the perfect door for your budget!


Despite having insulated glass, windows still reduce the r-value of a garage door, which is the level of insulation. Glass garage doors do however, allow in solar radiation which can heat up a space. It is definitely something to take into consideration living in Minnesota and what you may be using your garage space for.

Impact resistance

Where steel and other metal doors may dent or bend, glass (obviously) can break. Glass garage doors are made from tempered glass, making it safe from shattering, however if it encounters strong enough impact it will break into a spiderweb-like pattern, similar to how a windshield breaks. This is definitely something to consider if there is a risk of tools, balls, or cars encountering the doors.

Alternatives to Glass Garage Doors

There are many alternative options to glass garage doors if the cons outweigh the pros for your home or business. Consider a door that has windows at the top, down the sides, or mixed into a pattern. There are lots of wonderful choices and our team is more than happy to help you find the right one! Check out this video of our team sharing their favorite garage door… it just might inspire you!

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